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Things to Do In Nashville

Things to Do In Nashville

  • Parthenon: This is the hidden treasure of Nashville that is worth visiting. This place is home to the world’s only full size replica of ancient Parthenon. The building is encircled with 46 Doric columns and this building also has the largest doors in the world made from bronze and each gate weighing about 7.5 tons. Another special feature of this tourist attraction in Nashville is its Athena Parthenos sculpture that is also the tallest indoor sculpture in the Western world. There are four art galleries in here that take you to an amazing journey of the past. Statuettes and friezes are modeled from Elgin Marbles at the British Museum in London.

  • Opryland Hotel Indoor Garden and Collections: Plan you stay in the serene beauty of these three nationally acclaimed indoor gardens known by the name The Conservatory, The Cascades, and The Delta. The Conservatory is situated on two acres of land that is completely devoted to tropical plants. It is a green clean experience that one gets in the Conservatory. The Cascades is also spread over two acres of land featuring beautiful waterfalls surging into a 12,500 square-foot indoor lake. And the Delta covers a larger area that is of 4.5 acres comprising of a lovely fountain, restaurants and shops. A river runs through the Delta offering Passenger boats. You can avail all this fun absolutely free, no admission charges.

  • Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum: It is a must see for music lovers. Explore the chronicles of music while viewing over 3000 stage costumes, original songs manuscripts and musical instruments. This museum has many of the personal items of music legends exhibited like Elvis' solid gold Cadillac. One admission ticket includes viewing the historical RCA Studio and the Music Row walking tour. This complete thing to do requires around two hours and if you take group entry you can avail discounts. Children under age five have no free admission.

  • Laser Quest: This popular amusement site is there to thrill you while you tour Nashville. Located in the downtown Nashville you can experience the chill of chasing your friends around the complicated maze course with a strap on laser rifle in this Laser Quest.  These rifles shoot invisible and harmless beam of light that if hit the target records the “slay”. This game is purely safe for children and it is also a unique game for children parties or corporate amusement. If you plan to enjoy the Laser Quest with your complete family or friends get a reservation done to fully enjoy the adventure.

  • Nash Trash Tours: When you want to top up your tour to the Music City with some extra fun just board the funniest bus in the town. The Nash Trash Tours take you for a fun filled journey through Nashville. The Jugg Sisters are your hostesses and they will make you laugh and sing all through the tour. As the tacky pink bus covers the major tourist attractions in the city, the Jugg Sisters keep up with their satirical and very risqué commentary. This tour is not one of the sophisticated tours as the passengers are free to drink alcohol and have a great time, so it is better to leave your kids at home.

  • Wave Country: Beat the heat this summer by visiting the Wave Country water park in Nashville. This water park has variety of water slides and a wave machine that creates artificial waves upto four feet high. Spending a day at this tourist attraction is the best way to chill out on a hot summer day. You can also plan a family picnic at this spot as it has various picnic areas and additional kids recreational sections where they can play baseball and Frisbee after the water games are over. You get free parking for your vehicle and children under age four have free entry to this wonderful water world.

Nashville City Guide
  • General Jackson Showboat: In Nashville this is a special tourist attraction that takes you for a journey back in time to the 19th century period. This is a 100-yard paddle-wheeler that cruises the Cumberland River everyday. There is an option of morning and evening cruise. The morning cruise includes a lunch buffet and a singing performance on other hand the evening cruise included a three-course meal along with swing band entertainment and some ballroom dancing. The choice is yours weather you want to enjoy the daytime scenic views or spend a romantic evening in the cruise with your loved one. On board you can also get your self some good wine or appetizer from the bar onboard.

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