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Nashville Facts

Nashville is famous for many things, probably most famous for its ties to country music, and is a prime example of a great southern destination city. Nashville possesses a unique and long storied history, but here are 7 things you don't know about Nashville.

  1. Nashville was founded in 1779 and originally called Fort Nashborough. It was named after the American Revolutionary War hero Francis Nash.

  2. Nashville has the largest population of Kurdish people in the United States.

  3. The foundation for Nashville to become the world famous "Music City USA" were laid in 1925 with the establishment of the Grand Ole Opry.

  4. During the Civil War, the first Confederate state capital to fall to Union troops was Nashville in 1862.

  5. The NFL's Houston Oilers left Houston and relocated to Tennessee in the mid 1990s. Going down in the history of professional sports as one of the oddest nickname pairings around, for their first two seasons in town they played as the Tennessee Oilers. Before the start of their third season they changed the team name to the Tennessee Titans.

  6. Among others, some of the popular nicknames for Nashville are: Music City USA, the Athens of the South, the Buckle of the Bible Belt, Cashville, the Protestant Vatican, Nashvegas, and Little Kurdistan.

  7. Nashville City Guide
  8. Behind New York City, Nashville is the second biggest center of music production in the United States.

  9. With its longstanding ties to the people of the south, and to country music fans everywhere, Nashville will forever be a popular destination for travelers from all over the world.

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