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Nashville Downtown

Nashville is the most populous city situated in the state of Tennessee in US. Home to more then 130 music publishers, 180 recording studios and 80 different record labels, the city is also known as “Music City”. The city has a total area of 1,362.6 km² where 1,300.8 km² comprises of land and 61.8 km² comprises of water.

The city’s climate and scenic hills are a refreshing combination for many. Nashville has a moderate climate. Summers are hot and humid while winters are very cold. July and August are the hottest month. Rainfall is moderate, winter and spring being the wettest seasons.

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Real Estate

The real estate market in the Nashville, Tennessee has been considered as one the most undervalued markets. So, this means that you can easily locate your dream home in the city with all the required amenities


Nashville hotels boast some of the greatest variety in the state. All hotels in Nashville, Tennessee are vetted to assure the highest standards of service. Picking a hotel depends on what you wish to accomplish in Nashville


For entertainment, Nashville offers you several fine restaurants, bars and clubs. The city has huge range of restaurants ranging from expensive to inexpensive inorder to suit every pocket.


For sports fans, the city boasts various professional sports teams. You can always find a sporting event within the city including baseball, football, hockey and more. You should never miss the fun of live sporting event in Nashville.


 Nashville is a city with more than 40 attractions. The city offers something for everyone. The city boasts world-class museums and major-league sports teams. The city’s rich cultural diversity offers visitors numerous dining, shopping, and entertainment options.

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Nashville City Guide
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